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NTM Fit Kit by Rocket Science - at Cooper Fitness Center

  • 01/24/2015
  • 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM
  • 7910 Collin McKinney Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75070

Quick Update:  

Due to limited availability of sizes for kit fitting rocket only sent a few samples of each piece.  However they have confirmed that sizing across Triathlon and Cycling lines are consistent.  If you come in and the specific size you need is unavailable, we MAY have another fitting in a couple weeks that will have more sizes available.

Rocket has confirmed, that b/c of their printing system that if we meet minimums for one Gender, that we can order as few items as needed form the other.

Translation:  For Full Suits if we get 12 Male suits, we can order 1 Womens, and 1 Girls suit with no issues.... Sweet!!!!  This applies for all items that are Complimentary (ie.  Male, Female Suits;  Male Female Cycling Jerseys; Male Female Bibs; etc, etc.)

So based on that Table below has been updated!

The Rocket Science Fit Kit will be held at Cooper - Craig Ranch on
(1/24/15 from 1030am to 200pm)

We plan to place our 2015 NTM kit order shortly after so kits arrive well before Ironman 70.3 Texas in Galveston.

If you are concerned about fit, please be sure to come in.  If not, please place your order this week.  

 FYI- we can accept payments at time of order through Rocket Sciences Team Portal.  Members are encouraged to remit payment at time of order.  We can take alternative methods of payments on a case by case basis.  Special payment arrangements can be made by contacting Lorenzo or Lee ahead of time.

We are excited to offer these and many other new kit pieces including:

 Kit Piece Member Cost  Minimum  Have we made Minimums in the past? 
 Mens Top $35 25+ Yes 
 Mens Bottom $38 25+  Yes  
 Mens Full Suit $78 12+ Yes  
 Womens Top $35 25+ Yes  
 Womens Bottom $38 25+  Yes  
 Womens Full Suit $78 12 + Yes
 Mens Jersey $35  20+ Yes  
 Mens Sleeveless Jersey $35   20+  No 
 Mens Bib $90 12+ Yes  
 Mens Cycle Short $60  20+  No 
Mens Vest (Women can buy Mens)  $40  20+  Yes 
 Mens Cycling Jacket (Women can buy Mens) $75  20+  Yes 
 Womens Jersey $35   20+  Yes  
 Womens Sleeveless Jerey $35  20+  No
 Womens Bib $90  12+  Yes
 Womens Cycle Short $60 20+ No
 Mens Basketball Shorts $35  10+ No
 Mens Singlet $30 12+   No
 Womens Tech T $35  12+  No 
 Womens Singlet $30 12+   No
 Mens Pant $50  10+   No
 Womens Pant $50  10+   No
 Womens Tennis Skirt $45  ?  No
 Mens Square Leg Swim Bottom $35 ?  No
 Mens Jammer $45  ?  No
 Mens Brief $30  No
 Womens Racerback Swimsuit $45  ? No

All Pieces are available in Youth, Mens, and Womens, however...

Note: Rocket Science sizes range from YouthXS to Mens and Womens XXL.  So if we meet minimums for either Mens or Womens for each piece we can also order Youth sizes for children and junior members, boys and girls, respectively.

*** Note:  Hoodie may serve as the NTM Incentive Award so will not be for Sale.

*** Note2:  Personalized Kits will be available for certain pieces for ~ $6 to $10 additional per piece

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